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How to get rid of hyperpigmentation after acne? Here is a advices!

More than half of teenagers deals with acne during adolescence and it is associated mainly with hormonal changes occurring in the young bodies. However, acne sometimes also affects the adults, even those in their forties. Fortunately, there are many ways to fight unwanted pimples. A side effect of the disease may be discoloration that remains on the face after curing the discomfort. While a young person’s risk of such discoloration is small due to the quick skin regeneration, other people may have acne marks. They can take the form of stains or small scars. In the article below, the question how to get rid of any discoloration resulting from acne will be answered.


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  1. Causes of acne and discoloration
  2. Home remedies for acne discoloration
  3. Remedies for discoloration

Causes of acne and discoloration

As it was mentioned above, the main culprit of acne is a hormonal disorder. Hence, this ailment mainly affects people during adolescence who, as it is commonly used to speak, are stimulated by hormones. However, this is not the only cause of acne. If you have a greasy complexion, you should take care of its proper hygiene. Use non-irritating soap, preferably one with a natural reaction. Limit unhealthy food, it can lead to excessive sweating and the release of too much toxin. For similar reasons, try not to eat spicy foods. In addition, it is a good idea to reduce smoking and alcohol. Think also about reducing stress in everyday life. All of the above-mentioned factors can cause eczema and blackheads. And where do the characteristic redness come from? These traces are characteristic of places where acne appeared. Squeezing pimples and scratching affect the formation of acne scars. (1)(2)

Acne vulgaris among adolescents

Home remedies for acne discoloration

If the discoloration is small, you can try home remedies. They are believed to work quite well, and, at the same time, they are very cheap. However, they are not intended to treat severe discoloration or scars. You can try to apply a mask from grated horseradish root because it restores the skin’s natural color. Making compresses with pansy brew also brings salutary results. It is great to correct skin color and prevents greasy skin. In the past, an onion mask with a little potato flour was also used, which works great to improve skin condition. Preparation of these masks and infusions is very simple, it does not require any specialized knowledge. These methods are recommended to anyone with slight discoloration after acne who does not want to spend large amounts on treatment. (3)

Home remedies for acne discoloration

Remedies for discoloration

As far as discoloration is concerned, consumers usually head for pharmacies to find some remedy. They usually buy special creams and ointments containing substances that help cure facial skin. In my opinion, it is a good choice because regular compresses help reduce any imperfections. It is certainly better to treat hyperpigmentation with this type of remedy than to treat only acne.

Remedies for discoloration

Another type of product to fight acne and its consequences are special dietary supplements. It is a great solution because visible effects and a source of ailments are eliminated during the treatment, and consequently relapses are prevented. If they are used after the anti-acne treatment, they will not only have a prophylactic effect, but will also eliminate current skin imperfections. In order to choose the right remedy, it is advised to follow the rule, the more natural substances in it, the better. I can honestly recommend Nonacne capsules, their formula allows you to deal with acne quickly and effectively.


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