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African mango – a revolution in the field of slimming?

African mango has gained enormous popularity in recent years. It is believed that the extract of this plant helps lose unnecessary kilograms without much effort. The fruit is praised in the press, on television and in the Internet. On the other hand, there are many different opinions. Their authors are convinced that the mango is an artificial buzz caused by manufacturers of slimming products just to push unconscious clients with another ineffective supplement. Who is right?

african mango

Table of content

  1. The origin of African mango
  2. How does African mango support weight loss?
  3. Revolution or not?
  4. Where to get African mangoes?
  5. Summary

The origin of African mango

African mango is an extremely rare fruit. It grows in the southern part of Africa. It is not actually exported because it is not profitable. Usually, the plant extract is available in the form of tablets or capsules. Mango has been known by traditional African tribes for centuries. In the western part of the globe, it is quite a fresh thing. Its effectiveness was discovered by chance during a study on cholesterol and the ways to decrease it. – says.


How does African mango support weight loss?

Taking African mango extract allows you to speed up your metabolism. The body needs more energy to work so it gets it from stored fat. Already after the first month you can notice a decrease in fat mass by up to fifteen percent. Interestingly, muscle mass is not affected so you can maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance.

However, metabolism is not a major factor which is why African mango is so effective. The fruit’s effect is mainly based on reducing appetite. How is this achieved? You need to understand the mechanism of hunger. Leptin, a hormone produced in the body, is responsible for this process. When his level falls, people begin to feel hunger. African mango maintains a high concentration of leptin, which allows for longer breaks between meals. – says.

african mango

In addition, the use of products containing African mango allows you to decrease the cholesterol level and remove toxins from the body. It is possible thanks to the high fiber content. The plant does not cause feelings of weakness and apathy which happens quite often when using similar means.

Revolution or not?

Well, we have listed a lot of positive effects when you add African mangoes to your diet. However, is that enough to name African mango a revolutionary plant? In my opinion, it is a bit too far-reaching term.I would describe products containing mango extract as a helping hand on the way to a slim figure. The fruit allows you to control your appetite, thanks to it you will be able to limit the number of meals eaten and their size. However, you should make sure that you choose the right food, which is a part of a balanced diet. In addition, it is worth trying physical activity. Nothing supports weight loss like a little effort each day.

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Where to get African mangoes?

As I mentioned above, you can only get African mangoes in the form of slimming capsules. It is best to obtain such funds via the Internet, in over-the-counter pharmacies and shops you will overpay. My friends praised African Mango. This product allowed to lose up to eight kilos in a month. I think it is worth giving a try.

african mango


African mango is the subject of discussion among nutritionists around the world. There are many doubts about his actions. One thing is certain, namely this fruit offers remarkable results in the field of slimming. But can it be called a revolution? I would rather use the term “evolution” because it works similarly to other diet suppressants, however it gives better results.

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