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Healthy weight loss plan – It’s so easy!

There are many ways to lose weight. You can go to one of your local fitness clubs, jog regularly or change your eating habits. But if you do not want to harm your body you will need a healthy weight loss plan. In such a plan you need to consider different factors.

Table of content

  1. Food
  2. Activity
  3. Consciousness and control


First of all you should avoid enriched foods. Flour and products containing flour including pastas, biscuits, crackers, bread and breakfast cereals are the prime example of such food. Buying such food means that all natural blend of nutrients was stripped and replaced with artificial one. This kind of food should not be included in your weight loss plan.

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Eat walnuts. Surveys taken by universities proved that eating about 50 grams of walnuts every day instead of other snacks helps to burn fat 62% faster than without them. This phenomenon is a result of Omega 3 fatty acids which are in walnuts and they not only help you to burn fast but also positively affect your heart and brain and additionally help to regenerate muscles after hard training.


You should also take a walk straight after your meal. Walking is a great way to burn fat and should be one of the most important part of your healthy weight loss plan. Taking a walk straight after your meal will help you even more. Walking do not disturb your digestion so forget about siesta and go to the park!

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Consciousness and control

Effective weight loss plan requires a habit of conscious eating. What does it mean? Conscious and controlled eating is almost impossible if you eat in a hurry, watching TV, sending e-mails or talking on the phone. It is also hard to control the amount of food you eat if eat in a car or bed. Healthy weight loss plan requires to eat only in designated area in peace and quiet atmosphere.

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To effectively burn your fat you will have to eat reasonably and control what and how much is on your plate. Proper amount of food- what means just not too much and not too small has got a great influence on your healthy weight loss plan. If your will is not so strong and you just have to eat this lovely piece of cake make sure you will only have 4 bites. It will be just enough for your senses to deliver them what they want and you will not spoil your diet dramatically.

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