Herbs in health and beauty care

Herbs in health and beauty care. Overview of the most effective products – Part 1

Natural medicine uses the properties of many plants. Herbs in health and beauty can perform miracles. They help to lose weight, fight acne, excessive hair loss, etc. We have collected the most effective ones for you.

However, we will start with a question that repeatedly scrolls through the Internet forums, facebook groups “Health and Beauty”. The question is: What form of herbs is the most effective? The answer is not clear. Because in fact, a lot depends on the problem with which we “report” to them. For example, if we want to take care of beautiful skin, we can use it in the form of an herbal tonic (so externally), but we can also bet on detoxification. It is an internal way. In this case, the herbs can be used in the form of an infusion, or, for much higher efficiency, in the form of detoxification products. So let’s stress it again, everything depends on what we have a problem with.

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Herbs for weight loss support

We will start with this group because it is by far the most frequently searched on google. There are a lot of plants that can somehow help you lose excess weight. It is worth knowing that it is not only the so-called thermogenics, but also herbs that help the intestines work, or accelerate the absorption of certain nutrients.

  • Piperine – for starters, pepper extract, which is currently the most popular component of slimming pills. Strong piperine extract supports fat burning while having a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients. This allows the body to take full advantage of their properties (not only those related to weight loss). Piperine is one of the ingredients of Piperinox, among others. The full composition, as well as all relevant information, can be found on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Basil – a popular spice, which has many interesting properties. Basil, among other things, helps us to fight such unpleasant ailments as bloating. But that is not all. The essential oils found in this plant have a positive effect on the intestines, so it is worth adding basil to your food when you are on a diet. [1]
  • Thyme – another popular herb that supports beauty, and more specifically affects the figure. Thyme supports the digestive process very strongly. It helps to avoid problems connected with over-eating. Thyme helps not only during weight loss. This plant helps, among other things, with coughing, it can also be a component of natural cosmetics for beautiful skin.
  • Peppermint – an equally popular herb in health and beauty care. From the perspective of people struggling with excessive fat tissue, this plant helps by influencing the metabolism. Of course, peppermint is also a help for people who have “lost” the fight against oily and indigestible food. Not everyone knows that a plant drank before bedtime relaxes and makes it easier to “go into Morpheus’ arms”. – healthline.com

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Herbs for beauty – for beautiful skin

It is also a very rich set of plants, which have an impact on particular aspects of skin care, but also slow down the ageing process. Herbs for weight loss as well as for beauty are frequently mentioned in discussions not only on the Internet.

  • Hibiscus – recommended as an infusion. It has a very positive effect on skin condition. Why these properties? Hibiscus mainly contains huge amounts of vitamin C. It is a very strong antioxidant. Thanks to it we are able to reduce the harmful effects of so-called free radicals. What do the latter do? They are, among other things, responsible for the skin aging process. Hibiscus also contains calcium and other elements which are important for the functioning of the whole body.
  • White mulberry – It is an exchange herb primarily in the context of health. First, it has cholesterol-lowering properties. This plant also has an effect on pressure. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it can lower the latter. How does white mulberry help the skin? First of all, this herb is very effective in case of discoloration and irritation. – drugs.com
  • Chamomile is another plant in the service of beauty. Like white mulberry described above, camomile helps in case of irritation. It is a plant for people struggling with dry skin. But that is not all. Camomile is very often used in cosmetics for people who have allergies. This plant contains a lot of vitamins and elements essential for our body.
  • Red clover is a herb for acne. Importantly, it is used internally. Red clover acts primarily on the causes of this ailment. The plant contains vitamins and elements important for the condition of skin struggling with pimples. A very strong extract of red clover is found in the most popular product for acne, namely Nonacne. You can read about its full composition on the manufacturer’s website.

Herbs for excessive hair loss

Not only can women use their properties, but also men. Plants “hit” the causes of excessive hair, but also of androgenic alopecia. There are also those that have an impact and look. They help to nourish hair follicles, but also increase their absorption of elements and specific vitamins.

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  • Nettle – This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently mentioned herbs for excessive hair loss, especially among women. Nettle is a very strong DHT inhibitor which is the main cause of male alopecia. Thanks to the ingredients it contains, it reduces the body’s hypersensitivity to this form of testosterone. Nettle extract is one of the ingredients of Profolan, a product for male alopecia. If you want to learn more about it, please visit the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Horsetail – this plant is usually exchanged in one breath with nettle. The horsetail, among other things, has a high silica content, which is effective in supporting new hair growth. It has a very positive effect on the work of the follicles. It is recommended as an infusion (preferably with nettles), but is also used in supplements for excessive hair loss.
  • Common bamboo is one of the ingredients of the hit on hair problems for women, Locerin. It is a plant with a huge content of the already mentioned silica. It not only provides new hair growth. If we lead to a deficiency of this ingredient in the body, your hair will lose its vitality and shine. Hair will become brittle and fragile. In case of a silica deficiency, the condition of the nail skin also suffers.
  • Sage – This herb has a huge impact on health. Among other things, it is recommended as a solution for unpleasant ailments related to menopause. Sage soothes even hot flashes. It is also a plant that is recommended for acne. It is completely different as you can see. Why does sage help with hair loss? First of all, it regulates the sebaceous glands. Excessive sebum secreted by them leads to hair loss. On the other hand, dry scalp is also a big problem for the hairstyle.


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