how to stimulate libido in woman

Libido in women – how to stimulate them in a natural way?

Many ladies are looking for an answer to this question. As far as women are concerned, libido is a very fragile “thing”. There are many factors that can disturb it. Fortunately, there are ways to raise it naturally.

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Libido in women – what contributes to its decline?

Very often there is a comparison of the lack of desire for sex in the case of women to a puzzle that is difficult to solve. Aside from the comparison itself, it is a fact that it is often difficult to select the specific cause of a decrease in female libido. It is quite common when there are at least several factors. Let’s focus on the most common ones.

libido in woman

Causes of decreased libido in women:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Chronic diseases (such as diabetes)
  • Hormonal disorders (in fact, a separate group of factors)
  • Bad diet
  • Excessive stress
  • Childbirth
  • Depression
  • Some medicines (for example for the illness mentioned above)
  • Low self-esteem, problems with acceptance
  • Relationship problems

These are only the most common ones. A significant challenge is the decrease in libido associated with aging. But in this situation, you can do something about it.

How to stimulate libido in women? Change your diet

This is where you start. It is worth looking at the daily menu. The rules to be followed are simple and generally known. The menu that is supposed to stimulate female libido is primarily healthy.

It means not just throwing away harmful food such as fast food or fatty meat. In general, apart from burgers, kebabs, you should get rid of all highly processed products from your diet. These include, for example, popular snacks, but also margarine or dishes “in five minutes”.

libido diet for women

The menu that will let you enjoy sex again should be based on vegetables and cereal products. In addition to them, there should also be sources of protein. Such as lean meat, fish, but also dairy products.

A healthy menu is also one that does not make you feel hungry. Frequent and radical weight loss can lead to serious libido problems. And also deficiencies of vitamins and elements needed by a healthy body.

Libido in women – aphrodisiacs on the menu

There are so many that it is worth devoting some time to them. Aphrodisiacs act not only directly on the senses, blood supply to the intimate organs, but also provide certain ingredients that ensure health, well-being and a dose of energy. Of course, the amount of these products in the diet should be dosed. You don’t necessarily have to eat them every day.

The most popular aphrodisiacs:

  • Seafood (with particular emphasis on oysters) – not without reason placed in the first place. Thinking “aphrodisiac” we usually talk about them. Among other things, they are rich in zinc which i san element necessary for female sexuality.
  • Bananas – they are usually mentioned among aphrodisiacs to stimulate female libido for “associative” reasons. But it’s not just about shape. Bananas contain a lot of potassium. An important mineral for the entire nervous system. These fruits also give a quick dose of considerable energy – says.
  • Chocolate – mainly due to the content of magnesium and tryptophan. The latter is responsible for supporting serotonin. It’s the so-called happiness hormone. Its chronic deficiency can lead to libido disorders. Magnesium affects the nervous system. Among other things, it is responsible for eliminating – says.
  • Anise – often referred to as a love plant. It contains ingredients that have a beneficial effect on libido. This spice also gives a dose of energy and a positive attitude.

chocolate for women libido

Herbs supporting female libido

It is also a rich group of natural helpers. Very often they are components of libido enhancing products.

  1. Malaysian tree root (occurs under the name tongkat) – this exotic plant from our point of view has very interesting properties. It affects the balance of female hormones. And this, among other things, means the opportunity to enjoy more sex.
  2. Damiana desert leaves – is one of the most popular plants curling female libido. Its task is to increase vaginal hydration. But in fact Damiana desert affects the whole body. It eliminates, among others, the negative impact of stress and adds energy.
  3. Smooth licorice – in turn, an herb focusing primarily on supporting well-being. It is very often behind a lack of desire for love games. Licorice also adds vitality.
  4. Fenugreek – known primarily for its positive effect on hair. But even with libido problems, it has a lot to say. Fenugreek seeds (because they are used) support sexual performance and affect the experience.
  5. Ginkgo biloba – in this case, the herbal raw material is leaves. They have ingredients that positively affect the well-being. This is one thing. Above all, they improve circulation and, therefore, blood supply to the genitals. This provides greater pleasure.

Products that increase female libido – when should you reach for them?

In fact, a solid and proven solution will be useful even if the problems are not yet chronic. Unfortunately, if the libido is left alone, sooner or later, its decline will have such a character.

If your sex drive is at a very low level and it lasts a long time, it is even more worth reaching for such a product. The next question arises: “Which of the available products (and there are a lot of them) will be the best?”

pills for women libido

There are several things to consider before making a decision. First of all, it is the composition of such a product for female libido. The more natural it is, the better it appears. This also often means a safe product with no side effects. Of course, this still requires additional checking. A certain hint as to the choice of such a product is its popularity. The price also has a meaning. In this case, it is better to avoid really cheap solutions. They usually are simply a scam.

Femin Plus is one of the eagerly chosen products for libido by women. This solution is 100% natural. It contains as many as 12 (!) ingredients. They work in a complementary manner. In Femin Plus there are 4 out of 5 herbs described above that support female sex drive. All ingredients have been tested for safety and no side effects. A lot of information about it can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

Benefits of choosing Femin Plus:

Femin Plus

  • Significant improvement in sex life
  • Greater satisfaction with sex
  • Neutralization of the causes of libido problems
  • Increased vaginal hydration
  • No more mood swings
  • Extra energy and a positive attitude

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