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Profolan dietary supplement is a natural remedy that stops baldness in men and stimulates new hair growth. The product also helps to maintain the natural color of the hair, preventing the graying process. Hair loss affects many men after 18 years of age. This is a shameful problem that you can get rid of by regularly use of the Profolan dietary supplement.


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You can regain self-confidence and attractive appearance thanks to the unique composition of natural and completely safe ingredients for your health from our innovative product. Hair will become thicker and their natural color will be strengthened thanks to the natural stimulation of hair follicles to work properly. Profolan is a product recommended by trichologists in the USA and crowds of satisfied customers are now also available in Europe.

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How does the Profolan dietary supplement work?

Androgenetic alopecia in men is most often caused by hypersensitivity to DHT, a derivative of testosterone dihydrotestosterone. DHT shortens the hair growth phase, the hair is weakened and, as a result, falls out and no new ones grow in their place. Usually, this is genetic hypersensitivity, so if older men in your family lose their hair with age, do not wait and just start acting. Appropriate prevention and treatment will stop this process by blocking DHT in your body. The regular use of the Profolan dietary supplement is precisely aimed at preventing hypersensitivity to DHT and natural strengthening of the hair follicles, which ensures that the natural cycle is maintained and the hair is strong and healthy.


The unique composition of ingredients in the Profolan dietary supplement naturally strengthens and stimulates the work of hair follicles, and blocks DHT. The secret to the effectiveness of Profolan is the Grow3 formula, which is the optimal dose of horsetail, nettle and l-cysteine ​​extracts. It is a repeatedly tested combination of natural ingredients, the results of these studies clearly confirm the high effectiveness of our supplement. As the only one on the market Profolan contains taurine, which effectiveness in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia has been clinically proven. Therefore, the manufacturer covered the product with a 3-month warranty period. If after three months of regular use you do not notice the effects, the manufacturer will refund you the money.

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The Grow3 formula in the composition of our supplement is supported by vitamins and minerals, selected so as to care properly for the health of an adult male. Alopecia is a shameful problem that affects men even after 18 years of age. Hair loss, not only at a young age, can cause huge stress and a significant reduction in self-esteem. The man feels less attractive trying to cover up his problem by wearing hats, shaving his head bald or in drastic cases, attach artificial hair. Spending thousands of dollars on transplants is not worth it because of health risks associated with this. Often the effects of such action are deplorable and expose you to even greater stress and ridicule.


End of it! The solution is definitely easier, just use Profolan regularly. This is confirmed by the opinions of 9 out of 10 men using our product after a three-month treatment, they notice visible effects. The hair is denser and stronger, they observe the growth of new hair and strengthening of their natural color. Numerous clinical studies confirm that Profolan is a safe and non-invasive, and above all a much cheaper alternative to hair transplantation.

Who is the Profolan dietary supplement for?

Profolan dietary supplement is intended for men affected by androgenetic alopecia or who are at high risk due to genetic conditions. It is also recommended for men who, due to their lifestyle or high stress exposure, may lose their hair or prematurely gray. It can be safely taken only by men over 18 years of age.

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Profolan is not only preventive and correct supplementation of natural active ingredients supporting hair health. If hair loss is already progressing, it has been going on for over a dozen years. Go ahead and reach for Profolan.

The unique complex of Grow3 natural ingredients and supporting taurine, vitamins and minerals stimulate the growth of new hair. Its regular use prevents miniaturization of the hair follicles and stimulates them again to function properly. Numerous clinical studies and men using Profolan confirm its effectiveness. Already after three months of regular use, you can see the growth of new hair in places where they have long been gone. The hair growth cycle is correct, making them stronger and color protection prevents graying.


Profolan dietary supplement concentrated composition of active ingredients, thanks to which 2 capsules a day are enough. The treatment is completely natural, therefore regular intake of Profolan is safe for the body. Start your treatment today and start enjoying your young and attractive look again.


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