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The most common causes of baldness and the methods to stop them

The problem of baldness concerns a large number of men. Some of them can accept it and they do not try to hide it. The rest would prefer to keep their natural hair as long as possible. It seems to be a symbol of youth and they do not want to lose it. It would be a symptom of getting old. There used to be no help for baldness but now, fortunately, there are many methods to fight baldness.

hair loss

The method we choose when eliminating hair loss depends mainly on the type of baldness we are dealing with. Most often it is androgenetic alopecia which occurs in almost 95% of cases. The factors that cause hair loss will be discussed in the following article. Moreover, some advice on how to deal with them will be analysed.

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Table of content

  1. Inadequate diet
  2. Excessive stress
  3. Hereditary alopecia
  4. Laser baldness comb

Inadequate diet

Few people know that an inadequate diet can cause hair loss. People who undergo restrictive diets may know something about it. Prolonged fasting means that the body does not have the nutrients it needs to function properly. I once encountered a situation when a person’s hair began to fall out handfuls during a diet.

hair loss diet

So what should you eat to make your hair beautiful and healthy? Magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc as well as vitamins A, C, E and those from group B are particularly important. Include a lot of eggs in your diet when you fry, use olive oil. Season the spices with lots of garlic. Choose fish instead of meat because they are rich in healthy fats and acids. In general, it is difficult to cause baldness through an inappropriate diet, but it is worth following the advice above. You will improve not only the condition of your hair, but also your skin. (1)

Excessive stress

The harmful effects of excessive stress are more frequently discussed. People seem to be nervous, irritated and threatened. No wonder that this condition can lead to numerous problems, in extreme cases to excessive hair loss or accelerated graying. Try to relax, do not take everything deadly seriously, slow down a little with your life. Only in this way you can reduce stress. (2)


Hereditary alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. It has a hereditary background.if some ancestors dealt with this problem, there is a high probability that it will also affect you. According to a study by OBOP, more than half of men up to the age of 50 are bald. Almost all cases are associated with androgenetic alopecia. How does this type of baldness proceed? You certainly know the symptoms. There are two types of disease. First, hair begins to fall out on the forehead and temples and the hairline retracts. In the second, the top of the head is the germ of baldness. Slightly less often it happens that both types occur simultaneously. (3)

Hereditary alopecia

DHT bears the culprit for androgenetic alopecia. It is a harmful derivative of testosterone. It leads to hair miniaturization and shortens the growth phase. Most methods of fighting baldness involve stopping DHT.

Laser baldness comb

I had the opportunity to test a lot of different remedies for baldness, the use of modern technologies worked best. According to numerous clinical studies, the use of the low-energy LLLT laser is the optimal solution in the treatment of baldness. This type of laser is found in the ViviComb comb.

laser hair loss

The ViviComb is easy to use. First, switch on the device, perform procedures similar to combing the hair, then the laser will reach directly to the hair follicles. It extends the hair growth phase and reverses the process of miniaturization, thanks to which they become thicker and denser. ViviComb is the best baldness treatment device I’ve tested.

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