the best creatine

The best creatine for beginners and advanced

Which creatine is the best? Adjust it to the needs of your body knowing that:

  • people just starting their adventure with bodybuilding do not need creatine,
  • Over time, you can start using any creatine monohydrate, however, athletes dreaming of achieving maximum gains should choose creatine in a more thoughtful way and, depending on expectations, combine the use of monohydrate with phosphate and creatine pyruvate.

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Table of content

  1. The best creatine for beginners
  2. The best creatine for advanced

The best creatine for beginners

Creatine is one of the safest supplements supporting the growth of muscle mass. it is not recommended to beginning sportsmen for one simple reason. Due to a well-planned workout and a proper diet, significant weight gains can be achieved. Professionals even say that such increases cannot be achieved by more advanced athletes even if they have experimented with training methods, diet and supplements. At first, the body uses its own potential and with supplementation you should wait until the rate of weight gain gradually decreases. (1)


To sum up, it is difficult to talk about the best creatine for people starting their adventure with the gym. At this stage, creatine is not needed. If you insist on it, choose a good quality monohydrate or a combination of several creatines that allows you to shorten your creatine cycles and works with short training sessions (see Creadrene).

Attention: Techniques, a well-planned schedule of workouts and a diet perfectly matched to the needs of the body is of fundamental importance for growth, at all levels of advancement.

The best creatine for advanced

When choosing creatine, you should first pay attention to quality. Each supplement should be produced:

  • legally
  • with care for maintaining standards and guidelines specified, among others by FDA or GMP.

The next criteria is composition and here there are some discrepancies. Some experts believe that the form of creatine is irrelevant, it is important that it is a pure, good-quality monohydrate. They state that the effects of using monohyrate and other types of creatine are just the same. However, the studies did not confirm that.

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And yes:

  • the findings of creatine studies indicated that creatine phosphate works three times faster and stronger than monohydrate. It is possible, thanks to the addition of phosphate, which delays the onset of fatigue. Creatine phosphate is supposed to be the best creatine for people exercising short and intensely. In such cases, phosphate works quickly and effectively, much better than the monohydrate.
  • research on creatine pyruvate shows that regardless of the level of training, this form of creatine works faster than the monohydrate, significantly improving ATP secretion.

Theoretically, it should be recognized that the best form of creatine is pyruvate or phosphate. In practice, they may differ slightly and complement each other. Therefore, sportsmen, regardless of their level of advancement, should use supplementation with various creatine compounds.
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In this context, a good justification is the attempt to combine the three leading forms of creatine, monohydrate, phosphate and pyruvate, under one supplementation.

The supplement joining them together is Creadrene by Newton Everett. Is Creadrene the best creatine? Users’ experience shows that it is.

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