Causes of acne and treatment

Causes of acne and treatment. You certainly didn’t know that!

Acne occurs when the pores of the face are clogged with too much sebum in which anaerobic bacteria is formed. However, it does not apply only to the surface of the skin, this problem goes much deeper. It is usually visible because pimples and redness appear. The problem of acne usually affects teenagers because when they mature, some hormonal changes occur. It can lead to the appearance of blackheads. Acne is less common among adults but it sometimes happens. The most common type of ailment is acne vulgaris, it occurs in over 90% of all cases.


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  1. Acne vulgaris among adolescents
  2. Other causes of acne vulgaris
  3. Anti-acne diet
  4. Acne vulgaris treatment

Acne vulgaris among adolescents

At the beginning of puberty, increased sex hormones begin to be produced. They have a considerable impact on the skin conditio. Some structural changes occur which is the main trigger for the appearance of acne. Hormones increase the effectiveness of sebaceous glands where anaerobic bacteria are developed. The pores on the face are clogged and, as a result, breakouts and redness appear. It is difficult to cure acne vulgaris completely because it has a tendency to relapse. (1)

Acne vulgaris among adolescents

Other causes of acne vulgaris

It is hard to explain how hormones work as well as why acne appears in adulthood, when the hormonal changes are being stabilized. Then there are several other factors involved. The cause of acne is often inadequate nutrition. A diet rich in greasy and hard-to-digest food has a bad effect on our skin. Whenever skin problems appear, it is necessary to remember about proper hygiene. It is worth using neutral soaps to wash the face in order to avoid irritation. According to some doctors, excessive stress can also result in the appearance of breakouts. It is also advisable to cut down on alcohol. (2)

causes of acne vulgaris
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Anti-acne diet

The easiest way to treat acne vulgaris is to follow some nutrition tips, It does not mean a total chang of the diet but implementation of just a few modifications. First of all, include as much fruit as possible in your acne diet, the ingredients they contain perfectly cleanse the skin and improve its condition. Lemons and apples are especially recommended. Always try to prepare a vegetable salad for dinner, they contain a complex of vitamins that renew skin tissue. Avoid animal fats, you do not have to immediately give them up completely, just try to cut down on them as much as possible. In addition, you need to watch out for alcohol, cigarettes and sweets. Srinking beer is somehow recommended because the zinc contained in it helps treat acne vulgaris. (3)

anti acne diet

Acne vulgaris treatment

There are many ways to treat acne but resources available in stores and pharmacies will be mainly discussed in this article. The most popular form of treatment chosen by consumers is creams, masks, ointments, etc. They are used topically to remove the visible effects of acne. Pay attention to the composition of these products sincemany of them contain alcohol, which dries the skin excessively and can do more harm than good. They cannot eliminate the source of acne but only the symptoms, which is the main downside.

Acne vulgaris treatment

For this reason, I recommend using all kinds of acne supplements. Active ingredients not only remove blemishes, but also hit the source of the ailment, so you can get rid of acne more effectively. There are dozens of such products on the market, I recommend Nonacne, it contains a number of natural ingredients, the positive effects of which have been confirmed by clinical research. It quickly restores the skin to its natural condition and prevents the recurrence of acne.


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