Erection problems

Erection problems? The best ways to get rid of erection problems

Is a lack of erection a common problem among men? “As a real man, you must always be ready to meet the needs of your partner and you can’t afford to slip up, can you?” Well … no! This kind of claim, spread by self-proclaimed alpha males, creates unnecessary pressure and builds a one-dimensional image of a man. In practice, men also may have moments of weakness. It sometimes can be affected by erection problems, which are by no means men’s fault. It is external factors and our body that determine how ready we are to live with a partner. Let’s check what causes problems with erection and how to fight them – so that you can feel the full form again in your own bedroom!

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Table of content

  1. Why are there problems with erection?
  2. What enhances erectile dysfunction?
  3. Problems with erection – prevention
  4. Exercises for erectile dysfunction?
  5. Erection problems and supplementation
  6. Erectile dysfunction – conclusions

Why are there problems with erection?

The answer to this question is not easy because there can be many factors and each man is affected by a different problem. It is worth looking at erectile dysfunction from two sides – a young man and a forty-year-old man.

Young men who are just beginning their intercourse usually have erection problems because of the stress that accompanies them during their first contact with their partner. The effect may be unsatisfactory due to a lack of previous relationships and “training” the penis, shame or fear of intercourse and any hormonal changes. (1)

Young man erection problem

A forty-year-old man suffers from stress, overwork, frequent alcohol consumption, smoking and overweight. These are the basic factors that cause erection problems. They can also be caused by bad relationships with partners. (2)

older man erection problem

What enhances erectile dysfunction?

Of course, various types of stimulants, such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Moreover, complexes are a quite common problem, e.g. regarding the appearance of one’s body or the penis size. it sometimes happens that a man tries too much and achieving erection seems to even more difficult.

Problems with erection – prevention

By all means, there are several ways, apart from specialist measures which will be discussed later. If you have erection problems, you should:

1. Quit stimulants and improve your diet

Alcohol, cigarettes and improper eating, all this can cause erection problems, even it we are not ware about it. Therefore, it is extremely important to eliminate all harmful substances and change the diet to a healthier one. High-fat dishes cannot only affect erection, but also the level of male libido! (3)

erection diet

2. Be patient

Nothing by force! An erection problem during one or two intercourses does not necessarily mean serious disorders. Don’t treat yourself too harsh and don’t expect that your penis will work properly when you are nervous. Do not think about the problem before the intercourse, focus on your partner and enjoy the time spent together.

patient man

3. Exercise your penis

Include kegel muscles and stretch. The more you use your penis, the more efficient it is. The erection will also be strengthend when you do exercises regular. Sexual activity is also important. The more often we decide on romantic moments in the bedroom, the greater the chances of fighting the problem of erection will be.

kegel muscle training

4. Pay attention to medication

Some medications we take every day, e.g. hypertension or anti-depressants, can affect erection. It is worth consulting a doctor and, if possible, giving up or replacing it with another one. As a result, sex life can give more pleasure.

medicans safety

5. Talk to your partner

Sometimes quarrels, misunderstandings or mere shame can cause the problem even more intense. Honesty is necessary in such a situation. Don’t be afraid, your partner will understand it, comfort you and help you get back into shape!

couple talk

6. Don’t stress, slow down

The pace of life we ​​live today and the amount of work we take on ourselves mean that there is not enough time. Constant tension is not the best for drive and strong erection. If possible, it is worth slowing down the pace and focusing a little on yourself and your partner. Not once and not twice, it helped a couple to feel close and, as a result, the problem of erectile dysfunction disappeared.


Exercises for erectile dysfunction?

Yes! As it turns out, they are very effective and you only need to know how to exercise as well as how frequently. You do not even need specialized equipment or bumb bells. It is possible to achieve great result due to massaging, stretching, using the Kegel method and other exercises for erectile dysfunction. Do you want to try? Learn more about the best exercises for erectile dysfunction!

Erection problems and supplementation

It may happen that none of these will work and in such a situation it is necessary to see a doctor or use over-the-counter medications that will help solve problems with potency. It is worth remembering that the medication offered to men are effective, but not all of them work quickly. It may turn out that advanced supplementation and long-term treatment will be needed in order to obtain the appropriate effects!

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Erectile dysfunction – conclusions

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many men struggle with. However, this is also a problem that you can dealt with. Will you also succeed? Of course! Erection problems are nothing embarrassing or incurable. Just find out the cause and find the right way to fix it. There are plenty of them so each man has a chance to return to sexual performance!

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