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Penis pumps and extenders. Which is more effective?

Is the penis size a kind of an obsession for you? If it is, you should not be surprised because a lot of men care about this size.

They still think that their member is too small to satisfy a woman and they are ready to do plenty of things just to enlarge the penis.
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For all these men, and so for you, we have two very good news. Firstly, most likely your penis is the regular size. Secondly, you can enlarge it anyway thanks to devices, such as penis pumps and extenders.

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Why are men so interested in penis enlargement? One of the main reasons is ignorance. Gentlemen often believe that their penis significantly deviates from the average. Meanwhile, they completely unnecessarily take into account the absolutely unrealistic dimensions of actors from adult films and relate them to real life. Ignorance also concerns the anatomical structure of a woman. Well, men do not realize that the most innervated fragment is a few centimeters at the entrance to the vagina and their stimulation gives the woman the greatest pleasure. Therefore, when women are to evaluate men’s dimensions, they definitely give more points for the penis circumference than for its length. However, if you are to have complexes because of this, nothing prevents you from working on the size of a member. This will be provided by devices such as extenders and penis pumps.

Table of content

  1. How can you enlarge your penis?
  2. Penis enlargement devices: pumps and extenders
  3. Penis pumps or extenders – which is more effective?

How can you enlarge your penis?

Let’s start with the penis enlargement mechanism. Well, the male member is made of tissue that maintains growth throughout its life. If its cells are subjected to stretching, they begin to grow to reduce the tension. It is a similar mechanism to the one that makes the African women’s neck longer than the average. It is possible due to appying hoops on their neck in their childhood. Of course, sucha n extension is not unlimited but the penis cab be enlarged by several centimeters both in length and circumference. How quickly do the effects appear depends on the individual conditions of your body.

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Penis enlargement devices: pumps and extenders

There are plenty of instructions for penis enlargement exercises on the Internet. However, the results can be achieved much faster if you use the devices designed for it. Two types of penis enlargement devices are currently available on the market, the so-called extenders and penis pumps. What is the difference? First of all, the way they work. The penis pump works on the principle of a cylinder in which a vacuum is created. In this way the penis is put under pressure. Immediately after the use of the pump, the penis is enlarged and the blood flows to it much faster. In contrast, extenders are devices that stretch the penis. They are put on a special belt attached to the body and can be discreetly hidden under clothing, so you can use them for hours during the day without changing your normal activities.

Penis enlargement with extenders

Penis pumps or extenders – which is more effective?

After a series of tests comparing these two penis enlargement devices, it turned out that extenders give much better results. Indeed, penis pumps work but they mainly result in short-term penis enlargement, while they do not give results that last longer. However, they are great for men whose goal is to strengthen the erection. – says.
member xxlIn contrast, extenders such as Jes Extender Original ensure that after a few weeks of use, the penis is clearly longer and has a larger girth. Of course, obtaining such results requires regular use of the extender, preferably wearing it every day for several hours. However, this effort pays off. The results are really impressive and, most importantly, durable.

It is worth emphasizing that extenders as penis enlargement devices are completely safe and their operation is based on the natural mechanisms of the male body.

If you ready, give up.(keep an introduction to the article in mind!).

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